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(04.Apr.13) New iOS App Icon Design

One of our latest designs. An iOS App icon for JamTimer by fearlesscode.

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(17.Apr.13) New iOS App Icon and UI Design

Check out the recently designed iOS App icon and user interface design for Busboy by Electric Peel.

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(22.Apr.13) Twitterrific 5.2.1 Adds Push Badges, Trends & More

Twitterrific 5.2.1 is now available in the App Store and brings with it a host of new features as well as increased speed and stability. The launch of native push notifications in v 5.2 has been augmented thanks to app badges which can now be enabled via the iOS Notification Center settings in v 5.2.1. Twitterrific will keep count of your mentions, replies and DM’s and display them on the home screen. Launching the app clears the count but also automatically clears pending messages from Notification Center.

This latest release also includes support for viewing Favstar information. Once enabled from Twitterrific’s settings, users can open profiles or individual tweet pages to view the tally of favs & RT’s on a tweet or user. Version 5.2.1 also decreases time to load tweets, greatly improves timeline position syncing for Tweet Marker and iCloud and bolsters support for Voice Over users with number of important fixes. Be sure to check out our video walk through of some of the highlights of v 5.2.1.

Other notable additions in 5.2.1 include:

  • Twitter trends (open Sidebar > Search > Tweets tab to view)
  • Support for Twitter stock symbols ($AAPL, etc)
  • Home timeline auto-refreshes when posting a new tweet or DM
  • Automatic theme changing now based on dawn/dusk at your location
  • Compose gesture: one-finger swipe left/right to adjust cursor
  • Bug fixes, UI tweaks and much more

Twitterrific 5 has been hailed by critics and users alike as one of the most beautiful and fun to use applications in the App Store. The app is currently on sale directly from the App Store for just $2.99. Existing users can update to version 5.2.1 via the App Store’s software update. Enjoy!


(25.Apr.13) New iOS App Icon Design

iOS App icon for Horizon Calendar by Applause Code. Go to Portfolio

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