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(08.May.12) Avengers Refresh!

Dave Brasgalla has assembled a new set of folders to expand his Refresh folder replacement icons. Avengers Refresh adds on to the Refresh series with character symbols from Marvel’s latest superhero adventure, The Avengers. Head on over and download them from our freeware page today!


(10.May.12) Astronut for iPad Blasts Off!

The iconfactory is pleased to announce the release of Astronut for iPad. Let gravity and guts be your guide as you blast off on a planet-hopping adventure of cosmic proportions. Travel to uncharted galaxies, gather star shards and avoid unfriendly life forms, all on your quest to explore the known universe and become the ultimate hero!

  • Fully optimized for the new iPad’s stunning retina display
  • Download the free iPhone version & play on iPad via remote control
  • Addictive, arcade-style play for both novice & advanced gamers
  • 24 Challenging Levels across 6 sectors
  • 40 Formidable achievements to unlock
  • Saved game status – play for five minutes or five hours
  • Full support for Game Center

Astronut for iPad is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99. A free demo of Astronut for iPhone is also available for download. iPhone users can purchase the in-app upgrade for just .99 to play the entire game.

We invite you to visit to view the official game trailer, download desktop goodies, get strategy tips and answers to your most frequently asked questions. Follow @astronutapp on Twitter for the latest updates.

(15.May.12) xScope 3.2

Version 3.2 of xScope, our indispensable screen design tool, is now available. Get it from the updates tab in the Mac App Store or if you downloaded from check for updates under the xScope menu bar item.

This latest adds support for CSS hsl() colors in the Loupe and lets you preview Acorn files with the Mirror Tool. It also adds a Dribbble preset in screens for taking quick screenshots to share.

Check the version history page for a complete list of changes.


(31.May.12) Weyland Corp: Building Better Worlds

With the imminent release of Prometheus, Ridley Scott is returning to the ever-popular science fiction franchise he kicked off more than thirty years ago with the classic Alien. To say that we’re all excited to see what he’s going to show us is putting it mildly – it’s sure to be an impressive experience.

Of course, marketing has changed a lot in thirty years, and Prometheus has used some very modern and clever approaches to building anticipation for the film. One of the best has been a slick faux corporate website for the imaginary Weyland Corporation that one can wander through for hours, finding all sorts of hints about the upcoming film, as well as nods to past entries in the franchise.

Dave Brasgalla has created several icons and desktop wallpapers using the graphic sensibility of that site so that you can extend the look and feel onto your own devices. Building better worlds – one desktop at a time! Head over to the freeware page and download “Weyland Corp” today, and we’ll see you in the cinema!

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