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(02.Jul.12) Farewell, Fearless Leader

Way back in 1994 I was working for a startup database publishing company producing their corporate ID and marketing materials. We purchased a tiny interactive design group led by an inspiring, enthusiastic young man named Ron Jones. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to join his team. I am saddened to say that we lost a good friend and a great man over the weekend. Ron Jones passed away Sunday morning after a courageous battle with cancer. He was a savvy business man, a motivational leader and a loving father and will be sorely missed.

Ron’s leadership and vision was a vital catalyst to the formation of the Iconfactory. His desire to create a dynamic talented group of people led him to hire Gedeon and Talos, two graduate students fresh from the Rochester Institute of Technology computer graphic design program. Over the next two to three years we hired several more designers and programmers including Cheryl Culling who is currently one of our project managers. Paradigm Interactive was a fun, creative group who became fast friends and produced two educational CD-ROM titles along with countless interactive demos and promotional materials.

Corporate restructuring sent us all our separate ways in late 1997 but Gedeon, Talos and I continued to work on icons in our spare time until we were busy enough to leave our jobs and incorporate the Iconfactory in January of 2000.

We thank Ron for giving us the chance to meet lifelong friends, the opportunity to do what we love, and the devotion to make a difference in the world. We will miss you.

~ Corey Marion, Iconfactory Founder


(10.Jul.12) Slab

Slab is a new icon style from Iconfactory designer Corey Marion. His original intent for this set was simply to extend the popular Smoothicon collection with all of the latest Apple hardware but somewhere along the line it evolved into something more precise and more technical. Inspired by the BeOS icons from the 1990’s, Slab is bold and fresh, modernizing the hand built pixel-by-pixel quasi-isometric style.

Give your fancy desktop a bit of late 20th century retro operating system style. Download Slab from our freeware page today.


(10.Jul.12) Lost Cities iOS Game Design

We invite you to check out this special pre-release preview of Lost Cities currently being developed by TheCodingMonkeys. The Iconfactory created the user interface design including vivid retina display graphics, as well as the app icon and website design.

More sneak peeks will be posted prior to release so plan on checking back here or at Lost Cities will be coming to the app store soon! You can stay tuned by following @LostCitiesApp on Twitter.


(24.Jul.12) Summer On A Stick

Summer on a Stick is a set of ice creams and popsicle icons to keep your desktop stylish, cool and refreshing. Designed by Kate England, these icons are inspired by childhood memories. Refreshing like popsicles on a hot, sunny day. Nostalgic like a childhood memory. The clarity of a recollection, expressed with simplicity, rich in colour and with elegant lines.

Summer on a Stick is designed in a crisp, contemporary Art Deco style where vintage meets modern, just like childhood memories revisit us in the present. Download for your Mac, PC or as a handy Candybar iContainer today. Enjoy!


(31.Jul.12) New Low Prices!

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2003 we had a booth in the Exhibitor’s Pavilion. During that event we launched a new product targeted at developers. gave small software design shops a more economical way to add professional quality icons to their applications. The site launched with four collections and 320 icons. Over nine years later it now includes 18 different styles, up to 5 distinct collections per style and a total of 3,286 icons in various sizes and formats.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased our conveniently bundled, ready-to-use graphics and we are announcing today that we are cutting prices drastically as an answer to the competition that has emerged in this category over the past few years. You can now buy sets of high-quality hand-drawn icons for as low as $29. Head over to today and check them out!

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