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Iconfactory RSS Feeds

The Iconfactory provides several different RSS feeds that will allow you to track the various parts of our website:

When subscribing to the RSS feed, try clicking on the icon or feed name first. If that does not work, you'll need to manually copy & paste the "http:" URL into your feed reader.

What is RSS?

RSS is a simple way to keep track of when our website is updated.

You'll need to use an RSS news reader, like NetNewsWire or one of many others, to handle the RSS information.

Some recent browsers, such as Safari and Internet Explorer 7, can also handle RSS information.

How It Works

When we post something new on the site we will update a file on our server that contains a brief summary of what is new or changed. This file is called an RSS feed. Our feeds are listed here and you can subscribe to one or more of them.

The RSS feed is, in turn, read by your news reader or browser and presented as a new item. You'll be able to review the item, and click on it to view it in more detail on our website.

For a complete description of RSS, we refer you to the Wikipedia entry.