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Can I add a custom icon to a Mac OS X disk image?

You can add a custom icon to a Mac OS X disk image by following these steps:

  1. Create a new disk image with Disk Copy – Use Command-N and name the file Test.dmg, name the Volume “Test”, select the size you want from the menu.
  2. Mount the disk image by clicking on the Test.dmg file in the Finder
  3. On the disk that appears on your desktop, click on the icon and do Get Info (Command-I)
  4. Paste a custom icon onto the disk icon (you can copy the disk icon from a file created by IconBuilder)
  5. Eject the disk with Command-E
  6. With Disk Copy, burn the disk image (Command-B)—select the Test.dmg file.

When the burn is complete, you should see the custom icon appear when you load the CD into a drive.

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