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Can I add a background picture to an OS X disk image?

In Mac OS X, you can use the Finder’s view customization to create a background image for your disk. The trick is that when you select the image, you need to make sure that it’s in a sub-folder of the disk you are creating. Otherwise, it won’t be able to be read when the person mounts the CD-ROM.

Try this:

  1. Create a disk image called “Test”
  2. Create a folder inside of “Test” called “Images”
  3. Add your background to the Images folder
  4. Configure background of “Test” to use the image. Press set the view to Icons and press Command-J. Select “This window only” and then choose the Picture radio button. Select the background image you put in “Test > Images”
  5. Close the disk image.

After you burn and mount the disk image, you should see the background image show up.

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