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Can I use custom icons on Windows CD-ROMs?

First off, there’s no way to get a custom icon on a Windows CD-ROM. The problem is how Microsoft has implemented the custom icon feature.

When you set a custom icon on a shortcut, it references a file using a drive indicator. For example, “C:\MyFolder\MyCustomIcon.ico”

So when you mount the CD on another machine, the referenced file does not exist. And you can’t trick it to use an icon on the CD-ROM since it’s not guaranteed that the CD will be in a D: drive (could be E: or somewhere else.)

From the user’s point-of-view, it’s not a huge problem. They’re used to not seeing icons on folders. Unlike Mac users, they won’t complain if it looks bad :-)

One thing you can do is change the icon that gets displayed when you load a CD-ROM on the Windows machine. You’ll need to create what’s called an Autorun.inf file. The instructions for doing this are at MSDN (if this link does not work, try searching for “Autorun.inf”).

More about creating the Autorun.inf file can be found in our support item for authoring a cross-platform CD-ROM.

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