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Any tips with 32-bit Mac icons (in NIB files)?

Working with 32-bit icons in Cocoa and NIB-based Carbon applications, is surprisingly easy.

The first step is to create .icns files with IconBuilder. Make sure that ”.icns File” is selected as the type when you save the icons.

After you have the .icns files assembled, add them to your project. In Project Builder, this is as simple as dragging them into the Groups and Files list. The next time you open one of your NIB files with Interface Builder, you’ll see the .icns file names in the Images tab.

To use one of the icons with a control class, just specify it’s name. For example, if you open Attributes in the Inspector for an NSButton class, you’ll see a field labelled “Icon:”. If your icon file name is “Iconfactory.icns”, you’d enter “Iconfactory” into the field. After pressing return, you’ll see the new icon show up on the control.

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