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How do I change the icon on a Windows application?

If you’ve created a stand-alone Director, Flash or other application for Windows, you’ll probably want to replace it’s generic icon with an icon of your own design.

Applications (.EXE files) on Windows have an internal .ICO file that’s added by the developer of the application. You can create a .ICO file in IconBuilder, but it takes a special tool to open the .EXE file and replace the .ICO data with your own .ICO file.

There are several tools on Windows that allow you to do this. One of them is Microangelo Librarian.

If you are creating an executable with Director MX 2004 on Windows, you can set the icon directly. Just choose a path to the .ICO file in the Publish Settings. When you publish the projector, the resulting .EXE file will have the icon you created with IconBuilder.

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