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What happend to your cool, little factory animations?

When it came time to redesign the Iconfactory website, a great debate raged about what to do with the dozens of factory animations we had created over the years. Since all of the animations were created with the signature “Iconfactory blue” background color, we decided they had to go. We didn’t want to tie ourselves to this color for the new site’s design once again, and plus we wanted things new and fresh around the factory floor.

We realize how many people enjoyed these fun little movies (we did too!) and we hope to open a gallery soon where visitors can go to quickly and easily view all of them including ones they might have missed. Many people have asked for a place where they could all be viewed at once, and this new gallery will be such a place. In the meantime, we have posted all 70 animations over at our classic files directory for your enjoyment. Thanks!

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