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(07.Jan.13) The Making of Twitterrific

If you enjoy getting a sneak peek behind the scenes and learning what went into the creation of your favorite apps, then this post is for you. Soon after the official launch of Twitterrific 5, Rene Richie & the gang over on the Iterate podcast had Ged and David on to talk about version 5, what went into creation of the interface, Twitter’s new guidelines and more. Episode 35 is an insightful look into the creation of Twitterrific and worth checking out.

This past week, iMore also had Sean and Craig on the Debug podcast, this time to talk about the technical side of development. If you love coding, know what nibs are or want to wax episodic about the early days of the App Store, Debug ep 5 is for you.

Our sincere thanks to Rene Ritchie and everyone at iMore for allowing us to tell the story of Twitterrific 5’s development and bring Ollie’s personal story to your ears. Enjoy!

(21.Jan.13) Twitterrific 5.0.2 Brings Features & Improvements

Twitterrific 5.0.2 is now available from the App Store and brings with it a bevy of new features and improvements that users are sure to love. We’ve posted a short video walk-through of the major points of version 5.0.2 over on Vimeo, but they include:

  • Find tweets in all timelines via ‘History’ search
  • Simplified in-app browser reading mode (Instapaper or Readability)
  • Image previews are displayed directly in the timeline
  • In-app web browser now uses the entire screen on iPad
  • Loads 100 tweets while refreshing or loading more
  • Improvements to Voice Over support for the blind
  • Much more

We know that users are patiently awaiting the addition of native push notifications for Twitterrific. With Twitter’s help we have begun the preliminary work on this most anticipated feature. It’s still very early and we don’t have a planned release date. Follow @Twitterrific on Twitter for the latest news and information.

Twitterrific 5.0.2 has been hailed by users and critics alike and is currently on sale directly from the App Store for just $2.99. Existing users can update to version 5.0.2 via the App Store’s software update. Enjoy!


(30.Jan.13) New Mac App Icon Design

One of our latest designs. A Mac App icon for Nasturtium Player by Nasturtium Labs.

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