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(05.Oct.12) 176 more pixels

This is a quick post to let everyone know that xScope Mirror 1.2.2 has been approved and is available in the App Store now. xScope for Mac is still waiting for approval but you can start using the iOS version to preview your new apps and app updates on the glorious new iPhone 5 display. Check for updates in the App Store on your iPhone now!


(09.Oct.12) "They mostly come at night. Mostly."

You didn’t really think we’d forget about Halloween did you? As anyone who has visited us knows, Halloween is our absolute favorite holiday and this year we’re pulling out all the spooky stops. We’ve been hoarding pixels like corralled zombies and now it’s finally time to open the barn doors.

We’re kicking off our month-long tribute to all things Halloween with a special set of icons and desktop pictures inspired by everyone’s favorite time-traveling alien, Doctor Who. Ged has been crafting his Doctor Who Vol 2 icons for ages and now they’ve materialized to save humanity & spruce up your hard drives all at the same time. Doctor Who fans will recognize many of the iconic (sorry) items from the long-running BBC series including Matt Smith’s sonic screwdriver and the erie Pandorica.

As if that wasn’t enough, David Lanham has also jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon and created a new set of beautifully detailed TARDIS wallpapers for your Mac, iPad and shiny new iPhone 5. If you look lovingly at the TARDIS like the Doctor does, these wonderful scifi wallpapers will keep you smiling for eternity. David’s even created two alternate versions for you – Version B and Version C.

Head on over to the freeware page to download both of these fantastically fun freeware offerings and then bookmark the Iconfactory for regular visits in October as we bring you more amazing, free scary stuff in the weeks ahead. Don’t forget to visit our spooky new Halloween Pinterest Kate has put together for you chok full of fun holiday info and links. We hope you’ll stay tuned for everything emerging from the lab, fun stuff is in store so enjoy the annual creepy factory makeover, and Happy Halloween everyone!

(16.Oct.12) Studio Ghibli

David Lanham delves into Studio Ghibli’s animated films for this week’s freeware releases. His Studio Ghibli icon set brings you characters and objects from many of their films. He’s also created two desktops, from Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, featuring the mysterious Noh Face and the mask of the wolf princess, San. Got an iPad? We’ve got you covered. The fullscreen versions of the desktops have been optimized so they’ll work great on your iPad. Head on over to the Freeware section to download the icons and desktops now, and stay tuned later in the week for more!

(18.Oct.12) More Studio Ghibli

Today, David releases the rest of his Studio Ghibli desktops for your Mac, PC or mobile device. Mononoke Mask Dark is a dark version of the Mononoke Mask desktop released earlier this week. Kodama features a forest spirit from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke film. Head on over to the Freeware section to get the rest of these charming desktops!

(23.Oct.12) Happy Halloween from Japan!

This week’s Halloween freeware comes in the shape of the magical and mischievous Blair from the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Soul Eater. created by Atsushi Ōkubo, Soul Eater features a large cast of characters who wield supernatural powers by channeling the wavelengths of their souls. Mindy has transformed one of the series’ most beloved characters into a super-cute iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpaper just for you. So don’t wait, fly over to our freeware page and download Blair today!

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