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(05.Dec.12) Twitterrific 5 for iOS Arrives

We’re pleased to announce an entirely new and innovatively designed Twitterrific, available today as a universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Twitterrific 5 has been re-thought from the ground up for a better experience and brings with it an entire host of improvements and refinements. Tweeting has never been simpler, easier or more delightful. Here are just some of the features of version 5 for iOS:

  • Newly designed, beautiful user interface
  • Customizable themes, fonts, sizes & more
  • Pull to refresh
  • Easy account switching
  • Powerful gestures for quick control
  • VoiceOver support
  • People search
  • Timeline syncing via iCloud & Tweet Marker
  • Much more

If you’ve been looking for a fast, light and elegantly designed Twitter client then look no further. Twitterrific is easy to understand and a delight to use. The unified timeline lets you read and post mentions and direct messages from a single view and the new theme panel lets you tailor the way tweets are displayed. Change fonts, type & avatar sizes, adjust line spacing and brightness effortlessly. Gestures let you quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads with minimum effort, and robust VoiceOver support means Twitterrific is accessible for the hard of seeing on iOS.

Twitterrific 5 is a completely new app, available today from the App Store for a special launch price of just $2.99. This special price won’t last long, so be sure to swoop over and pick up this new, beautiful Twitter client today. We invite you to visit the Twitterrific home page to learn all about version 5, get answers to frequently asked questions and order Twitterrific related goodies.

(07.Dec.12) The Evolution of Ollie

With the release of the re-designed Twitterrific for iOS, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the evolution of Twitterrific’s user interface. Sparked by a tweet from Jason Stoff, we combed the archives and put together a fun visual overview of how the app has looked from 2008 to the present. Needless to say much has changed since those early days, but some concepts like Twitterrific’s unified timeline and color coding of tweets have stayed true.

All of us here at the Iconfactory are gratified by the wonderful reception Twitterrific has had by both the press and the general public. The new, clean interface has won the hearts of many and our focus on improving Twitter’s reading experience has really connected with users. Macworld says Twitterrific “brings elegance to the foreground” and gives the app 4 mice. We couldn’t be happier.

If you enjoy sneak peeks into how things are made, be sure to read Craig’s Behind the App blog post. He highlights what it took to make Twitterrific 5 a reality and where we’re headed from here.

If you’ve been enjoying Twitterrific 5, please help us spread the word about the app. Leave a review in the App Store, tweet about it to your followers, blog and like us on Facebook. The app is on sale for launch for just $2.99, so now’s the perfect time for friends to come on board. Thanks for your support, enjoy tweeting!

(11.Dec.12) xScope updated

A new version of xScope, our popular and powerful screen design tool, is now available. Version 3.5.2 add a very handy new feature. It lets you create new frames and guides by holding down the Option key while dragging a frame or a guide. We also squashed a few bugs. For a complete list of changes check out the Version History at

Launch the Mac App Store and check the Updates tab to get the latest version. If you purchased your copy from go to Check for Updates under the xScope menu bar item.

(19.Dec.12) Flare on Sale for the Holidays

Flare is now on sale for the Christmas holiday for the super-low price of just $4.99 in the Mac App Store. If you know someone who enjoys adding retro or custom visual effects to your photographs, then Flare might be right up their alley. Flare was recently updated and added the ability to save to your iPhoto library as well as export to Facebook.

This is a can’t miss offer that won’t last long, so head on over to and learn what photographers have been raving about. Remember, your photograph is just the beginning. Merry Christmas!

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