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New Horizon & Aquatica Stock Sets

Announcing the Horizon Database and Aquatica Web Collections for designers & developers at

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Renaissance Web Stock Icons Released

The Iconfactory announces the release of our latest set of royalty-free stock icons - Renaissance Web.

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Helios Multimedia Released

The Iconfactory announces the release of our latest set of royalty-free stock icons - Helios Multimedia.

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Helios Finance Stock Set Released

The Iconfactory releases the Helios Finance royalty-free stock icon collection for designers and developers.

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Helios Database Stock Set Released

The Iconfactory announces the release of the Helios Database royalty-free stock icon collections for developers.


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Tiger Extras

System replacement add-on icons for the Tiger OS.

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Star Wars: TPM Add-On Pack

More icons from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

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Austin Powers Add-On Pk

Desktop icons from the Austin Powers sequel.

Design Services

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This set of custom add-ons in the Xponential style was created for the innovative audio-mixing software TrakAx and featured desktop and toolbar additions.

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The Aquatica stock icon family lent itself perfectly to Levanta's Intrepid product and several original add-on icons were commissioned by the client.

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The Iconfactory created several custom large versions of Satin stock icons for the client along with new metaphors for various toolbars and navigation.

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Kavi Products Suite

A stock icon customer who purchased the Satin family of icons contracted with us to expand the standard set of metaphors for their Kavi Online Products Suite.


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What are the arrow and trash buttons in IconBuilder for?

These controls add and delete data from the Resource Grid. Consult the IconBuilder Tutorial for exact functions.

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Can I add a custom icon to a Mac OS X disk image?

Yes, adding a custom icon to a Mac disk image is easy. Please read on to learn the steps to perform this process.

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Can I add a background picture to an OS X disk image?

Yes, but the trick is to make sure the picture you are adding is in a subfolder of the disk you are creating.

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