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Hot Off the Presses - Litho Extras Vol. 8

Anthony Piraino has stamped out more Litho style app icons for you including Photoshop, Acorn, Transsmisson & more.

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The Return of the Smooth

Smoothicons 13 packs the latest Apple hardware and new app replacements including Photoshop and Twitterrific.

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It Just Keeps Spinning!

Can't get enough of the Marble? Now you can decorate your Mac with shiny new Marble of Doom desktop pictures!

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Beware the Marble of DOOM!

Now Mac users can collectively vent their frustrations against the spinning beachball of death -!

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PDF and Resolution Addiction

Craig takes another detailed look at why "vector" PDF files are no longer resolution independent.

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Bending Adobe's Ear

We are pleased to announce that we have received official word from Adobe on some of our suggestions for Illustrator!

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"Et tu, Adobe?"

We follow up on our post about our top five pet peeves in Adobe Illustrator with tips and tricks from our visitors.

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Our Top 5 Adobe Illustrator CS Pet Peeves

The workers send out a shout to the talented folks at Adobe about five things in Illustrator that could use a little love.

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"We fear change..."

Adobe announces plans to purchase Macromedia Corp. for $3.4 billion dollars. Guess we better learn Illustrator!

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