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Flurry Extras 4 Prove It's Hip to Be Square

David Lanham conjures more icons in the popular Flurry style including Boxee, Path Finder, Handbrake & NetNewsWire.

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Flurry Extras 3 for Thee

David Lanham serves up another installment in the popular Flurry style including Steam for Mac, Unison, Fever & more.

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Announcing Flurry Extras 2

Louie Mantia & David Lanham team up to bring you even more rounded-corner icons in Flurry Extras 2.

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The Flurry Continues

Louie Mantia and David Lanham release the second installment of Flurry System for your desktop - App Extras.

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A Flurry of Icons for Your Mac!

Louie Mantia and David Lanham bring you the first volume in their massive new iPhone-style icon set - Flurry System.

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Caution! Rogue Robots!

Louie Mantia assembles some WALL•E-inspired desktop goodies.

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Announcing IconBuilder for Windows 2.0

The Iconfactory is pleased to announce an all-new version of our icon construction filter - IconBuilder for Windows 2.0.

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Welcome to v.6.0!

We celebrate our 10th anniversary with the launch of all-new versions of both and!

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Don't Panic!

Microsoft announces a new Windows vulnerablility listed as "critical" that deals with standard .ICO file formats.

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Riders of the Storm

Artist Talos Tsui releases his latest freeware icon creation based swords from the popular manga - Storm Riders.

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IconBuilder 5.0 For Mac OS X

The Iconfactory announces the release of IconBuilder v 5.0, a powerful and flexible Photoshop filter for making icons.

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New Info In The Developer Zone

Our Chief Typist, Craig Hockenberry, adds several new faq items to our Developer Zone help page to answer your questions.

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A SoBig Deal

In boxes around the globe are flooded with spam messages as the notorious SoBig Virus spreads like wild fire.

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World of Aqua Comes to Windows

Four of our popular World of Aqua series of freeware icon sets have now been converted for use on Windows.

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Announcing IconBuilder Pro 4.0

IconBuilder Pro version 4.0 is now available and is packed full of new features including open/drop states and more.

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