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Similar Results

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Maintenance Release for Pixadex

Panic and The Iconfactory release a maintenance update to our popular icon orgnization application - Pixadex.

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Riders of the Storm

Artist Talos Tsui releases his latest freeware icon creation based swords from the popular manga - Storm Riders.

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Pixadex 1.5.5 Now Available

Panic and The Iconfactory release a small maintenance release for our popular icon organization program - Pixadex.

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Get Ready for Pixadex 2!

Panic and The Iconfactory prepare to release an all new version of Pixadex to the public on October 26th, 2005.

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New and Improved Pixadex

Panic and The Iconfactory update our popular icon organizational utility, Pixadex, to version 1.5.4.

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Bits and Bobs of 2006

The Iconfactory releases the QuickPix 2006 collection containing all of the single icon releases of this year.

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Our Next Big Thing

Panic and the Iconfactory offer a sneak peek to the upcoming icon collection application for OS X - Pixadex.


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QuickPix 2004

Complete collection of QuickPix released in 2004.


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Are there advantages to creating locked iContainers?

Locking individual iContainers keeps author info with an icon set and helps prevent unauthorized re-distribution.

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How much does Pixadex cost?

Pixadex is available for Mac OS X users for $18.95. Registered users of 1.x can upgrade to version 2.x for $9.95.

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