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People's Choice Voting Begins Today

Public voting begins at The Iconfactory at Noon to decide the winner of the 2004 Pixelpalooza People's Choice Award.

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People's Choice Voting is Ovaaarr!

People's Choice voting in the 2003 Pixelpalooza contest comes to a close. Winners will be announced April 21st.

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Announcing the Winners of Pixelpalooza 2003!

The Iconfactory is pleased to announce the official winners of 2003's icon design contest - Pixelpalooza!

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Get Out And Vote!

This is the last day to participate in voting for the 2004 Pixelpalooza People's Choice Awards. Hop to it people!

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The Polls Are Now Closed!

Public voting for the People's Choice Award for Pixelpalooza 2004 wraps up on the Iconfactory website.

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Put Your Pencil Tools Down People!

The deadline to submit entries in the 2004 Pixelpalooza icon design contest comes to an official end.

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First Contest Entries Posted

We are pleased to post the first batch of icon entries from the 2004 Pixelpalooza design competition.

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Cleaning House for Pixelpalooza 2004

In order to clear out the database for the 2004 contest, we get ready to delete the 2003 Pixelpalooza contest entries.

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Go Grab Them While You Can

Although non-winning entries are gone, we invite you to visit the Pixelpalooza file archives to download any winning set.


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What happened to your Pixelpalooza icon contest?

Pixelpalooza went on hiatus after the 2004 contest due to the increasing long hours it created for the factory workers.

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