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Meet Mr. Lanham

Apple Matters offers up a fun and insightful interview into what makes our very own David Lanham tick.

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Interview with the Foreman

Foreman Gedeon Maheux is interviewed by about our process of designing and producing icons.

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Suffering Pixelpalooza Withdrawal?

We miss Pixelplaooza too. It ran for 8 years and inspired icon artists worldwide. We hope to bring it back soon.


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Kill Bill

Icons from the Quentin Tarantino classic - Kill Bill.

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System replacement icons done in Apple's iLife style.

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iSystem Extras

Application replacement icons in the iSystem style.

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Flushed Away

Icons based on characters from Flushed Away

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Somatic Xtras2

Application & extra replacement icons for Somatic.

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Vintage Halloween

Iconic Halloween characters based on vintage designs.

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Alternatives to the default Aqua icons for OSX.

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