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What is iPulse?

iPulse is a compact and clever application that monitors the inner workings of Mac OS X like CPU usage, RAM and more.

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What are some of the things iPulse reports on?

iPulse provides info on a number of internal functions including CPU and memory usage, network activity and more.

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How do I customize iPulse?

Change gauge color by adjusting various prefs, or download and open any of the hundreds of iPulse Jackets.

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Will iPulse work with Mac OS 9?

No, iPulse is a Cocoa application that is specifically designed to function in tandem only with Apple's Mac OS X.

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How does iPulse work?

iPulse collects and represents the various internal reports about the OS in a small and pleasing graphical display.

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How do I lower iPulse's CPU usage?

Adjusting the amount of CPU usage for iPulse is easy. Click here for a full description of steps to lower the CPU usage.

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How do I know which gauge is which?

Hover your mouse over the gauge you would like to learn more about and an information window will appear.

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How do I restore gauges to their original settings?

You can restore iPulse to its default settings by clicking the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the prefs panel.

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I see crashes in the Console App. under 10.2.3. Why?

It appears to be a bug in the 10.2.3 software update. A manual fix is possible from the Terminal window. More...

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How can I keep other apps from hiding iPulse?

Simply go to the Window section of the preference panel and adjust iPulse's settings to always be in the front.

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How can I get iPulse to only appear in the Dock?

Go to the Window preferences and turn off the "Show all gauges and text in a floating window" option.

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How can I only display iPulse on the desktop?

To configure iPulse to display itself only on the Mac OS desktop, please refer to the internal Help documentation.

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How do I create a custom iPulse Jacket?

You can change gauge color by adjusting various prefs, or download the jacket creation kit for greater visual control.

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Help! I've lost my iPulse serial number!

Have no fear! Enter your email address at our Registration Lookup page and it will be mailed to you instantly.

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How do I report a bug or submit a suggestion?

We encourage you to use our Contact page to submit any problems or general requests you may have with iPulse.

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