super-res technology - forget lo-res or hi-res graphics, bitcam takes it to a new level with super-res! pixels so small you can't even see them!

color graphics compatible - take your pictures in 8 vivid colors! so life-like you won't believe your eyes. leave your black and white world behind. *

self camera - you look fabulous, so let the world know! bitcam's innovative self camera makes it so easy to take pictures of you. smile!

instaphoto size - now that you carry your mini pocket computer everywhere, leave your instant camera behind. it's a breeze with bitcam's instaphoto size!

auto-fantastic - click anywhere on the preview and automatic focus and exposure kicks in. try doing that with your hasselblad!

plug-in support - bitcam includes a photos plug-in that lets you apply our sophisticated algorithm to any photo in your camera roll. make the pictures you took last week look like they're from the mid-80's with just a flip of a switch in the editor!

powerful keyboard shortcuts - don't leave your keyboard behind in this crazy new world of touching displays! all your favorite shortcuts are there to make taking pictures a snap!

fatbits oh yeah - embiggen your pixels just like macpaint. thanks to bill atkinson for all the great things he's given us over the years and for being the inspiration in this crazy project!

download from the application store


cool bits in self camera mode
instaphoto size in dazzling color

brought to you by the iconfactory

updated friday june 2nd, 2003

version 1.0.4 - after a short seven year break, bitcam just got an upgrade to the built-in floppy drive. it's so cool to see what's going on inside your mini pocket computer with the fancy new LED! we also did some bug fixes and improvements so check those out on the application store when you download the upgrade!

version 1.0.3 - bitcam just got a supercharged Photos plug-in: you can now pick the resolution and color. wow, now it's so easy to fix all those new photos! see the help file if you need help installing the plug-in. enjoy!

version 1.0.2 - woo-hoo! a new version of bitcam is available now on the application store. we added a new super action panel with floppy and trash can icons to process your snapshots. there's also a cool new swooshy icon that lets you put your pictures on the www. we also noticed that your finger doesn't make enough sound on the touching display so there's now a bunch of helpful sounds. we also fixed some bugs found by early adopters. see the help file for more info. enjoy!

new old site goes on-line - we finally found the ZIP disk with our HTML and got our main site back on-line. take a look! the foreman also found this weird floppy labeled "time travel" so we uploaded it to our server too. all it does is make netscape crash.

new help file uploaded - in the rush to get our user manual to the printer we missed a few things. luckily, the www makes it easy to send you our latest help file that you can print out and add on your own! (note: please set 40 column output before printing!)

wow! - yesterday was an amazing day - you should have seen the blinking lights on the 386 sitting in our closet! too bad we forgot to add the hit counter.

this new mini pocket computer from apple could be a hit, so many people are taking self pictures with bitcam, too! we compiled a list of hot links across the www about bitcam - check them out below.

we especially liked the page from a site we've never heard of: daring fireball. we're pretty sure that guy john gruber will be writing about some pretty important stuff in a few years.

version 1.0.1 - great news! the folks at the application store took our gold master and put a rush order on it. this new version fixes the retry crasher and lets you buy the color graphics card. our foreman has started breathing again!

whoops! - our first version had a crasher bug when you hit the retry button to buy the color graphics card. writing code for the mini pocket computer is kinda hard, but we just sent a new golden master to the application store so you should be able to download a better version soon. stay tuned!

launch day! - woo-hoo! our first product for the mini pocket computer is now available on the application store! thanks to all our beta testers who stood in line all day at CompUSA and then put our cool new software through its paces.

under construction - please bear with us as we figure out how to code up a web site. it's almost as hard as writing an application for the new mini pocket computer! we promise that it will be good eventually.

hot links

"gorgeous, unbelievably faithful one-bit camera app" - daring fireball
"... makes you feel a bit of nostalgia for the old days ... as well as grateful for how far we've come since." - tech crunch
"i paid $1.99, and i don't even like taking photos." - the verge
"catnip for old school mac users" - john siracusa (we can't wait for perl 5.004 to be released!)
"as expected, ridiculously fun" - rene ritchie
"i can't think of a better way to celebrate the iconfactory's 20th anniversary." - macstories (grazie mille!)
"i'm waiting for the modem to accept my initialization strings right now..." - six colors (check out that color scheme!)
"shoot photos that look like they've been spat out of a mac plus" - stuff (app of the week!)
"bitcam isn't a gimmick" - macworld

* extra purchase required. batteries not included.

this page was created with adobe photoshop, world wide web weaver, and gif builder exclusively on macintosh computers. we are dedicated to the seemingly nonexistent art of creating software for your mini pocket computer that actually looks good. any questions, comments, or requests should be sent to webmaster@iconfactory.com.


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