Corey B. Marion 1967 - 2022

Our beloved Iconfactory founder, Corey B. Marion, lost his multi-year battle with cancer this past week, he was 54. It’s difficult to put his loss into words except to say that without Corey, there would quite literally be no Iconfactory. Corey, Ged and Talos met in 1994 and we soon began a journey together that spanned 28 years. From day one, Corey did exactly what he loved most - designing, pushing pixels and creating icons.

Corey was the glue that held all of us here at the factory together. He designed the original factory logo, created dozens of beloved icon sets and somehow managed to help guide the company through thick and thin. People all over the world have downloaded and enjoyed his freeware icon sets including Smoothicons, World of Copland, Star Trek Starships and many many more. His gentle disposition and generous spirit informed every aspect of what we do here at the Iconfactory. He was always quick to lend a hand, offer a sage business opinion or find a way to give back to both the local Greensboro and Mac development communities.

Corey was instrumental in the growth and success of the company from the very start. He loved participating in judging our annual icon design contest, Pixelpalooza, back in the day. His keen eye for design touched nearly all of our products and made them infinitely better including IconBuilder, xScope, Twitterrific and Triode. He even created Linea Sans, a wonderful font based on his own handwriting that users will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Corey took profound joy in designing as well as helping clients throughout his career. He was always creating - be it designing logos, interfaces, and emojis, creating fun wallpapers or raising money for charity to help fight the cancer that he battled so very hard against.

All of us here count ourselves blessed to have been able to work along side of him for so long. Corey was a kind, talented and exceptional human being and one we will always remember. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating his life via the digital gifts he gave of himself as well as send warm and comforting wishes to his entire family. Our sadness is tempered by the fact that his art and legacy live on in all of us here at the factory as well as for all those, like yourselves, who have enjoyed his creations over the years.

Goodbye dear friend, we will miss you. 🖖

Remembering Corey