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Can I download and use your icons on Mac OS 9?

The Iconfactory no longer supports icon sets posted in formats compatible with Mac OS 9. In order to maximize compatibility moving forward, we decided that disk images would be the format of choice for OS X icon archives and unfortunately Apple’s OS 9 cannot natively handle disk images. In addition, the percentage of Macintosh users who have made the switch from OS 9 to OS X is high and we cannot continue to post icon archives in these older formats for a shinking user base.

We have complied however an online file directory where OS 9 users can go and download all of our classic icon sets. This directory will no longer be updated with new content, but all icon sets created and posted at the Iconfactory prior to June 2006 are included. OS 9 users will need to Allume System’s free Stuffit Expander to decompress and use the archives.

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