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Version History

iPulse v 2.5.2

Released 01.Jul.13

New Features

  • Added support for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

iPulse v 2.5.1

Released 28.Jun.12

New Features

  • Added support for Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the network gauges to stop updating
  • Updated Spanish localization to use CPU instead of UCP
  • Fixed formatting of wide network addresses
  • SMC error messages are no longer logged in the Console every 15 seconds

iPulse v 2.5

Released 19.Apr.12

New Features

  • iPulse is now a 64-bit process & works much better on recent OS X releases.
  • Added Sparkle updates. Finally.


  • Uses new, more secure, mechanism to get information about processes.
  • More processes are displayed in the CPU list if one or more cores is idle.
  • Expanded the number of disks that can be displayed from 6 to 12.
  • Hiding the Dock icon now persists across application updates.
  • Updated icons for the application and Jacket documents.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where network statistics were displayed as very large numbers.
  • Fixed a problem displaying long disk names (such as WebDAV mounts.)
  • Fixed problems reporting resident and virtual memory usage for processes.

iPulse v 2.1.10

Released 01.Oct.09

  • Wireless information is now displayed correctly on Snow Leopard
  • Fixed display when disk volumes have invalid block sizes (such as WebDAV)
  • Fixed a display issue with long network interface names
  • Fixed a problem with “nan” being displayed when processors were not in use
  • Idle processors are hidden in CPU info window
  • Floating window now appears correctly in all Spaces on Snow Leopard
  • Updated application icon to include 512×512 and 256×256 resources
  • PowerMate preferences were removed because the current version of the driver does not allow a third party to update the USB device

Note: You are now prompted for a password each time you launch iPulse on Snow Leopard. See the What’s New file in the download for more information about this security change.

iPulse v 2.1.9

Released 25.Feb.08

  • Added support for reading temperature from SMC on the latest Intel Macs
  • Added Dock menu
  • New preference in Global > Displays to hide Dock icon
  • Fixed a problem with double “AM” and “PM” in Clock information window
  • New “reset” feature when holding down option key at launch

iPulse v 2.1.8

Released 05.Apr.07

  • Added support for reading temperature from SMC on 17” Mac Book Pro
  • Fixed problems with localization while updating permissions
  • Corrected a problem where certain environment variables would cause processes to be reported incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue displaying network statistics on interfaces that had been disabled (such as disconnecting from a VPN)
  • Added support for machines with 8 processors
  • Added support for Leopard

iPulse v 2.1.7

Released 12.Jan.07

  • Added support for reading temperatures on Core 2 Duo processors
  • Updated network statistics to include UDP and ignore loopback
  • Fixed a bug displaying MAC address and link speed
  • Fixed a problem running on Panther on older Macs

iPulse v 2.1.6

Released 09.Nov.06

  • CPU temperature from motherboard is now displayed for most Intel Macs
  • New setup to allow full reporting of CPU and memory statistics on Intel Macs
  • Fixed a bug displaying hotkeys on Intel Macs

iPulse v 2.1.5

Released 21.Feb.06

  • Fixed a graphic used in Help file
  • Fixed problems with localizations

iPulse v 2.1.4

Released 08.Dec.05

  • Added support for Intel-based systems
  • Added support for Quad Processor PowerMac G5 systems
  • Konfabulator processes now display the widget name

iPulse v 2.1.3

Released 08.Jun.05

  • Added the widget name when displaying Dashboard processes on Tiger.
  • Added .jar file name when displaying Java processes.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying Java processes on Tiger.
  • The information window now displays correctly on Japanese systems.

iPulse v 2.1.2

Released 28.Apr.05

  • Fixed a bug which caused Console errors to be logged on Tiger

iPulse v 2.1.1

Released 15.Mar.05

  • Fixed a bug causing CPU usage to increase over several days
  • Added German localization

iPulse v 2.1

Released 03.Feb.05

  • Added a configurable status gauge to the menubar
  • Added Fahrenheit and Kelvin to temperature reading
  • Support for the G5’s on-chip temperature sensor
  • Increased PowerMate support
  • Added hotkey to lock information window in place
  • Menubar gauge and information window settings are now saved with Jackets
  • iPulse windows may now be set to remain on screen when Exposé is used
  • Updated network info window to include MAC addresses and link speeds
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Added Spanish and Swedish localization

iPulse v 2.0.2

Released 19.Feb.04

  • Reports motherboard temperature in the CPU info window
  • Support for Griffin PowerMate – LED brightness corresponds to CPU usage
  • New preference that adds a short delay before opening the info window
  • Added Airport mode to the status information for the Mobility gauges
  • Added bandwidth reporting (bits per second) to the Network info window
  • Long disk names now wrap to the next line instead of being cropped
  • Fixed a bug with the opacity of the swapping gauge
  • Fixed instructions on how to run iPulse without a dock icon
  • Numerous resource and documentation improvements
  • Updated various help topics

iPulse v 2.0.1

Released 04.Dec.03

  • Uptime now reported correctly
  • Fixed a swapfiles display bug
  • User interface enhancements for Panther
  • Plugged a memory leak when getting battery information
  • Hourly chimes now work even if clock hands are disabled
  • Application names that use Unicode characters now display correctly
  • Improved handling of iPulse’s dock icon and info window
  • Code to detect if iPulse is off screen at startup, and auto correct
  • Numerous resource and documentation improvements
  • Added Dutch and Italian localization

iPulse v 2.0

Released 09.Oct.03

  • Pop-up info windows that show more about the gauge under your mouse
  • Load and save the application’s appearance as custom iPulse Jackets
  • Mobility gauges let you monitor battery power and wireless signal strength
  • New disk activity gauges show when your disk is being accessed
  • Peak indicators for disk and network activity track max throughput
  • Automatic and logarithmic scaling modes for disk and network activity
  • System hotkeys show or hide the iPulse window at any time
  • Mouse transparency – ignore mouse clicks to control apps beneath iPulse
  • Reduced CPU usage by lowering process priority
  • Panther compatibility – ready for 10.3!

iPulse v 1.0.3

Released 09.Apr.03

  • Fixed a window position bug when waking from sleep
  • Fixed a potential bug when saving registration info
  • Fixed a potential bug when running on Mac OS X Server
  • Changed permissions on config. files to support multi-users

iPulse v 1.0.2

Released 22.Jan.03

  • Fixed a Process Viewer launching bug on Mac OS X 10.2
  • Fixed a crash when mounting some disks for UNIX and iDisk
  • Fixed a window move / resize bug
  • Added support for the following languages:
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish

iPulse v 1.0.1

Released 01.Dec.02

  • Translated to French
  • Default settings for iPulse now use less CPU time
  • Fixed a CPU reporting bug for low priority processes
  • Fixed a bug that made the load indicator display incorrectly
  • Added graphical description of gauges in help file
  • Added menu commands for external applications:
    • Command-P starts Process Viewer
    • Command-T launches Terminal
  • Access iPulse home page and FAQ from Help Menu
  • Tweaks and corrections to documentation and credits

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