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Version History

Pixadex v 2.0.2

Released 26.Jan.06

New Features:

  • Pixadex is now a Universal binary for native performance on Intel Macs
  • Support for custom icons on folders in the collections list
  • Contextual menu item for applying an icon to its parent collection


  • Icon views now support click-through which improves inspector behavior
  • Can now select a 1.x format Pixadex support folder in the preferences
  • Pressing Shift on launch will re-index icons for use with Spotlight
  • In demo mode, importing 250+ icons no longer adds blanks to your library
  • Can no longer rename “My Icons” and “Trash” collections using the keyboard
  • Images that aren’t 72 dpi are now imported correctly
  • Fixed a crash when performing a search under 10.4+
  • Other minor changes and fixes

Pixadex v 2.0.1

Released 03.Nov.05


  • Importing PNG files no longer produces images with anomalies
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Search Bar to appear incorrectly with Spotlight
  • Fixed a crash when selecting “do not show again” on the backup dialog box
  • Fixed a bug that prevented re-locating the Pixadex data folder
  • Searching on OS X 10.3 works properly if the icons have not been loaded
  • Can now drag icons from a search to the Trash to delete them
  • Key combo for moving icons directly to the Trash is now Option-Delete
  • Fixed a potential situation where an icon library could be converted twice
  • Other minor changes and fixes

Pixadex v 2.0

Released 26.Oct.05

$9.95 paid upgrade for registered users of 1.x

New Features:

  • Smart Collections (10.4+)
  • Streamlined interface, including new Search Bar
  • Spotlight support for Mac OS X 10.4+, allows for icon searching via Spotlight
  • List view for viewing icons (including their names) and metadata
  • Print individual icons and/or collections
  • Unlimited nested folders in the collections list
  • Collection icons in the List Pane may be customized with copy and paste
  • Can now import a wide variety of images, including PNG, TIFF, and JPG
  • Scan and remove duplicate icons for a more compact library
  • Application ID can be set in the Info window, for use with CandyBar


  • Command-Delete will move an icon/collection to the Trash
  • Can now duplicate collections
  • Searches can be saved as Smart Collections (10.4+)
  • Clickable URLs are displayed for locked icons
  • Periodic reminders to archive your icon library
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Pixadex v 1.5.5

Released 28.Jul.05

  • Deleting a collection is now more reliable
  • Fixed a potential crash if the URL associated with an icon is invalid

Pixadex v 1.5.4

Released 16.Jun.05

New Features:

  • Icon loading is significantly faster
  • Memory usage is greatly reduced
  • Pixadex now includes Japanese localization
  • Fixed occasional hangs on launch and when performing searches
  • New collection file format provides smaller files and faster loading
  • Minor interface tweaks

Pixadex v 1.5.3

Released 04.Nov.04

New Features:

  • Pixadex is now compatible with CandyBar 2
    • Supports iContainers that contain application icons
    • Send to CandyBar and open Candybar work as expected
  • Fixed an occasional hang on launch
  • Fixed a bug where a collection would fail to save its changes if its parent folder had been renamed

Pixadex v 1.5.2

Released 20.Aug.04

New Features:

  • Fixed a crash when emptying the Trash with a large amounts of icons
  • When importing a folder of icons, the icons will be added to the selected collection rather than adding them to the ‘My Icons’ collection
  • Pixadex no longer shows the library upgrade warning on first launch
  • Fixed a potential crash when sorting icons that contain invalid entries

Pixadex v 1.5.1

Released 26.Mar.04

New Features:

  • Drag and drop arranging is much more responsive
  • Pixadex recognizes and can import iControl icon packs
  • Fixed a bug preventing scrollbars from updating properly
  • Prefs size slider is now included when using full keyboard navigation
  • Sending to iChat now sends 64×64s when using icons larger than 32×32
  • Arrange menu options are disabled when the browser window isn’t visible
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an incorrect icon to become selected when adjusting the selection via the keyboard after a drag and drop arrangement
  • Opening an iContainer from the Finder, doesn’t place the new collection inside a folder

Pixadex v 1.5

Released 08.Mar.04

New Features:

  • User specified locations for Pixadex’s icon library
  • Arrange icons in collections by various attributes including:
    • Manually (via drag and drop)
    • Name
    • Date added
    • Size
    • Author
    • Keywords
    • URLs
    • Comments
  • Supports the importing and exporting of Windows .ICO files
  • Customize volume (Hard Disk) icons
  • Collections can be customized and will remember these attributes:
    • Size
    • Background color
    • Scroll position
  • Saved iContainers remember background color, size, and arrangement order
  • New QuickDrop area in the browser window
  • Save any search results into a new collection
  • System service to add icons to Pixadex
  • Global icon size preference added


  • Drawing optimizations to scroll large icon collections quickly
  • Dragging icons to the Finder no longer creates long, numeric names
  • Undo is now supported when editing icon data in the info window
  • Dragging icons, iContainers, etc. onto a folder will create a child collection
  • The QuickDrop window now floats above all other windows
  • Drag image badge is now placed above the copy cursor indicator (10.3+)
  • Collection comments are now displayed in the info window
  • Import menu items have keyboard equivalents
  • Supports 48×48 icon data
  • Fixed a potential dead-lock when initially loading a collection
  • Better handling of “blank icons” to prevent indefinite load times
  • Contextual menus now support Export, Import, and Save as iContainer
  • View Options contextual menu added to the icon browser view
  • URL field no longer wraps at http:// with long URLs
  • More detailed messages when deleting icons
  • Selecting icons is now much more accurate
  • Added type-to in the collections list
  • Dragging a selection is supported in the icon browser view

Pixadex v 1.2

Released 15.Oct.03

  • Preference allowing all instances to be deleted when trashing an icon
  • Fixed a bug where the Finder wouldn’t update after changing an icon
  • Added support for additional CandyBar icons
  • Added “Set as iChat Picture” feature
  • Pixadex will no longer lose icons
  • Open/drop states now preserved when exporting icons from Pixadex
  • Added support for home / end / forward delete keys in the icon view
  • Fixed a problem that would cause an icon collection to load forever
  • Several crash-causing bugs fixed
  • Interface enhancements for Panther
    • Fixed an icon drawing problem under Panther
    • Improvements to the appearance of selected icons
    • Get info” button in main window removed, “Actions” menu added
    • Additional interface changes for integration with Mac OS X 10.3

Pixadex v 1.1

Released 14.Jul.03

  • Added support for importing .icns files
  • Included “Get Info” in the contextual menu for collections
  • Added additional export options to icon contextual menus
  • Easier to add / move selections in the list pane when it’s full
  • Fixed a bug that caused iContainers to lose open/drop states when saving
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the icon library not to load correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Inspector thumbnails appeared upside-down
  • Fixed a bug that kept Pixadex from recognizing imported IconDropper packs
  • Many other little fixes and improvements

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