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Version History

xScope v 3.0

Released 19.Jan.12

$19.99 paid upgrade for registered users of 2.x

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  • Modern Interface – Re-designed for increased usability and a fresh new look
  • SmartTools – Turns tools on or off depending on what apps you’re using
  • Optimized code base – Launches faster, greatly improved performance
  • Screen Awareness – Self aware tools to keep them from staying off screen
  • Custom Toolbar – Change the size of xScope’s toolbar to fit your workspace
  • Space-Saving Menubar – Display individual menubar tools as a single item


  • Requires the FREE xScope Mirror App for IOS –
  • Remote Viewing – View any Mac window on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Pin & Lock – Move the Mac window anywhere & it always has focus on iOS
  • Chromeless UI – No overlaid chrome to get in the way while you work
  • Multiple iOS devices can connect and view the same window on a single Mac


  • Pattern Recognition – Measures properly on patterned or noisy backgrounds
  • Screen Capture – Shift-Cmd-7 screencaps the current measurement
  • Improved performance when measuring photographs


  • Edge Snapping – Holding control key while dragging now snaps to edges
  • Increased Readability – Redesigned to provide increased usability


  • Platform Sizes – Organized by platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Win & TV
  • Updated Resolutions – New resolutions including latest Mac and iOS models
  • Edge Snapping – Holding control key while dragging now snaps to edges
  • Vision Simulation – Simulate vision defects like color blindness & presbyopia
  • Ability to snap screenshots from Screens
  • Collapsable sidebar for compact display


  • Color Palette – Collect your favorite color swatches with Shift-CMD-C
  • Import/Export Colors – Save out or import .ACO color swatch files
  • Color Formats – Cycle through color formats to fit your project’s needs
  • Intelligent Gridlines – Auto adjusts color of grid & centerlines for visibility
  • Magnify Modes – Under the cursor or what’s directly under the Loupe
  • Vision Simulation – Simulate vision defects like color blindness & presbyopia
  • Added CSS3 rgb() and HTML names for displayed colors
  • Collapsable sidebar for compact display
  • Zooms up to 1600%


  • Per Screen Control – Show guides on the left, right or both displays
  • Simple Interface Mode – Hide guide handles when in the background
  • Automatic adjustment of measurements so they stay visible at screen edges
  • Undo (Cmd-Z) for closed guides


  • Edge Snapping – Holding control key while dragging now snaps to edges
  • Per Screen Control – Show frames on the left, right or both displays
  • Simple Interface Mode – Hide frame controls when in the background
  • Shrink Mode – Cmd-Shift-5 to shrink a selection and create a frame
  • Undo (Cmd-Z) for closed frames


  • Design or Develop Mode – Change origin from the upper-left to lower-left

And much more:

xScope v 2.5.1

Released 18.Aug.11

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bugs and potential crashes associated with Lion

xScope v 2.5

Released 14.Jul.11


  • Fixed problems with windows moving with Expose and Spaces
  • Fixed a potential crash when using the Loupe
  • Fixed problem that caused Dimensions to stop updating
  • Dimensions and Loupe now work correctly on Lion
  • Screenshots now work correctly on Lion

xScope v 2.2.2

Released 17.Dec.09


  • Fixed a problem with hex color value in Loupe not updating correctly

xScope v 2.2.1

Released 17.Dec.09


  • Compatibility fixes for Snow Leopard
  • Loupe updated to use the correct color profile for display
  • Images exported to files and clipboard now include a color profile

xScope v 2.2

Released 21.May.09

New Features:

  • Global hotkey to copy the color under the Loupe to the clipboard
  • General pref to add screen captures to the clipboard for pasting
  • Dimensions tool preference to display aspect ratios
  • Setting to make aspect ratios in Frames always visible
  • Info icon added to Frames to copy width/height to the clipboard
  • System hotkey to “Create guides from Dimensions measurement”
  • YCbCr values in Loupe in addition to HSB values (click to toggle)
  • Loupe has prefs for CGColorCreateGenericRGB() and UIColor formats


  • Color of screens content rectangle can now be customized
  • Color of gridlines in the Loupe can now be customized
  • Function keys F17 to F19 can now be used as hotkeys
  • Screens now has sizes for Firefox 3 and IE 8

xScope v 2.1

Released 03.Apr.08

New Features:

  • Toolbar can be displayed vertically
  • Active tools are highlighted in the toolbar
  • Shift-Control-Arrow key can be used to resize Rulers and Frames
  • Screens now show content area size along with screen size


  • Guides now work correctly with multiple monitor configurations
  • Fixed problems with screenshots in multiple monitors configurations
  • Laser beam measurements on upper & right screen edges no longer cut off
  • Fixed labeling of Windows Mobile screen resolution
  • Improved wording in registration dialogs
  • Fixed positioning of open file dialogs in preferences
  • Updated tooltips for toolbar buttons
  • Minor bug fixes and other improvements

xScope v 2.0

Released 30.Jan.08

$10 paid upgrade for registered users of 1.x

New Features:

  • New Dimensions tool to quickly measure the size of on screen elements
  • Beam mode to measure between elements; Shrink mode to “lasso” elements
  • Current dimensions measurement can be highlighted
  • Screens now support mobile devices like iPhone and Window Mobile
  • Screen sizes editable and updated for latest browsers
  • Loupe now provides quick pixel measurements
  • Distance between Guides is now displayed
  • Gutters can now be created with Guide wizard
  • Added composition and layout grids to each Frame
  • The Crosshair transparency can be adjusted
  • New global hotkey to bring xScope to the front
  • Added sound effects as feedback when using the tools
  • Screen captures added to several of the tools
  • Integrated tool help into the application


  • Toolbar improvements including a new look
  • Rulers can shrink down to 9 pixels
  • Rulers can be nudged with arrow keys and the shift key
  • Improved interface for selecting Screen sizes and browsers
  • The Loupe window can be made much smaller
  • Guides created with the wizard are now linked as a group
  • Guides can be nudged and snapped with arrow keys and the shift key
  • Frames can be nudged and snapped with arrow keys and the shift key
  • Several fixes for issues caused by switching screen resolution
  • Many controls were made larger and easier to read
  • Minor bug fixes and other improvements

xScope v 1.5

Released 23.Mar.06

New Features:

  • xScope is now a Universal binary for native performance on Intel Macs
  • Frames can now be linked and moved simultaneously
  • Horizontal and vertical guides can now be linked and moved simultaneously
  • Frames can now be resized by dragging on the width or height indicator
  • Added calipers to the Ruler making certain measurements easier
  • Added a menu option to reset the Ruler to its default position and size
  • When the Loupe is locked, the arrow keys can be used to nudge its position


  • Rulers can be extended to a maximum size of 2400 pixels
  • Rulers now snap to 5 pixel increments when the shift key is held down
  • Added command keys to adjust Ruler length
  • Guides and Frames can now be nudged with the arrow keys when selected
  • Added an indicator to Frames when using a constrained ratio
  • Added an option to copy the Loupe color as an NSColor definition
  • Added a preference to copy HTML color strings using lowercase letters
  • Fixed a bug / crash with the Loupe being offset on a second screen
  • The Loupe now displays the Hue in degrees, not as percentage
  • The bottom line of the screen is now magnified with the Loupe
  • The Loupe no longer shows the Crosshair color when both tools are selected
  • Added sound feedback when copying from the Loupe to the clipboard
  • Fixed a bug where the vertical Crosshair indicator was off by one pixel
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

xScope v 1.1

Released 03.May.05

  • Ruler will now go smaller than 240 pixels
  • A cursor position indicator has been added to the Ruler
  • When using Exposé, the tools now remain on-screen
  • The position and rotation of the Ruler can be nudged
  • Added aspect ratios to Frames (1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and the Golden Section)
  • Holding down the command key drags all Guides or Frames at once
  • Changed the display of coordinates and other items to increase readability
  • Fixed bugs with the Ruler and Guides on a second monitor
  • Fixed a display bug with the Ruler on Tiger

xScope v 1.0.1

Released 22.Jan.04

  • Increased readability for several tools against light backgrounds
  • Increased readability for Ruler tick marks against dark backgrounds
  • Locking the Loupe no longer displays a shadow on the indicator box
  • Loupe preference to copy HTML colors with or without a leading hash (#)
  • Fixed a bug causing Rulers to display incorrectly when rotated with deltas
  • xScope now remembers if the toolbar was closed or not at startup
  • The preference toolbar now highlights the selected pane (Panther only)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Unregistered” text to appear in text copied from the Loupe

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