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Version History

Added a reverse proxy for automatic refresh on dynamically generated sites. New advanced settings on iOS, including background sound level.

WorldWideWeb 2.1.1

January 2024


  • Fixed issues that could cause a crash during auto refresh


  • Added a byte count to activity log

WorldWideWeb 2.1

October 2023


  • Added a proxy configuration:
    • Configure with the world icon in the Website Folder section
    • Allows auto refresh on dynamically generated sites
    • Works great with Rails, PHP, and other web frameworks
    • See “Proxy Configuration” in Help for more information
  • Dragging a file onto the Dock icon or Website Folder will start a server for the containing folder and load the file in a new browser window [Yay Zanstra!]


  • Added advanced settings:
    • Located in System Settings app under WorldWideWeb
    • Includes adjustment of background sound levels [Yay datajerk!]
    • See Help for more information


  • Directory listing can now show relative paths (see "Advanced Settings" in Help) [Yay 760ceb3b9c0ba4872cadf3ce35a7a4!]
  • Increased the number of files that can be used with auto refresh
  • Clarification in purchase view that basic features continue to work without PRO upgrade

WorldWideWeb 2.0

May 2023


  • Auto refresh improved:
    • Navigating back now automatically reconnects
    • Switching website folders will reload browser and reconnect
    • The file that caused the refresh is shown in browser status bar
  • PRO features added:
    • Automatic refresh on both macOS and iOS
    • Recent folders on macOS
    • Secure context on iOS
    • Free trial for all PRO features


  • The server keeps running after a new Website Folder is selected
  • Dropping a folder on the Dock or main window starts the server after setting the Website Folder
  • The server now starts when launched from the command line:
    • $ open -a WorldWideWeb /path/to/website && open "http://localhost:8080"

WorldWideWeb 1.0.2

October 2022


  • Fixed an issue with “.js” files not being recognized for auto refresh
  • Fixed a problem with folders that had hundreds of HTML/CSS/JavaScript files
  • The auto-refresh script now gets injected after html and DOCTYPE elements if there is no head element
  • Fixed a problem with accessing resources after an address bind error


  • $TMPDIR path in Settings can now be selected & copied

WorldWideWeb 1.0.1

June 2022


  • New setting to automatically refresh browser when changes are detected
  • The POST method no longer generates a directory listing and then a crash


  • Long server names no longer change the window width
  • Added a command line option to disable Bonjour
  • Parent folders are added to recent items if duplicates are detected
  • Added support for dragging folders:
    • To the Website Folder of the window
    • Onto the Dock icon


  • Fixed navigation and tab bar appearance on iOS 14
  • Added documentation for running in the background
  • A tap & hold on Server URL now displays a share sheet

WorldWideWeb 1.0

June 2022

Initial Release.