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For the latest news and support, please check the Twitterrific account at Twitter.

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Old replies and direct messages load on start. Why?

When Twitterrific starts up, it gets as much previous information from Twitter as it can.

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Why am I getting "bad request" errors?

In order to deal with a growing user base, Twitter limits the total number of connections you can make every hour.

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Error messages drive me crazy! How do I turn them off?

Use the configuration panel to turn off errors or use a keyboard shortcut to temporarily delete them.

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How do I send replies and direct messages?

There are two important keyboard shortcuts that make composing replies and direct messages a breeze.

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Is Twitterrific free or paid for?

Twitterrific can be used free of charge with absolutely no limitations, or you can pay to have the advertising removed.

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Why are tweets displayed in a weird order?

Twitterrific displays the tweets in the order they were posted to, not the order delivered.

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