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Storyist app icon
Storyist app icon

iOS App Icon


Storyist Software came to us for an update to their popular screenwriting and manuscript production tool.

We carried over the spirit of the flying books from the original icon, updating it with a bold, graphic style using the iOS color palette. Subtle shading was added to give the icon a feeling of depth.

Marta app icon
Marta app icon

iOS App Icon


We love working with independent developers. We were delighted when Yan chose us to design a new icon for Marta, his fast and efficient file management app.

Concept sketches started with a two-column layout that mirrored the app's interface, combined with a stylized "M". The design evolved into an adorable fox which represented the agile nature of the app.

MuseBox app icon
MuseBox app icon

Mac App Icon


Brushed Pixel enlisted our help to take their initial design concept for their digital asset management app over the finish line.

We designed the icon around the concept of a Bonsai cherry tree within a digital container, combining a rich, organic element with a high-tech foundation that perfectly represented what the client was hoping to communicate.

Elf Buddy app icon
Elf Buddy app icon and UI

iOS & Android App Icon

Elf Studio

It was a joy to work on this whimsical icon for an app that lets kids interact with fun, virtual elves running around their own home. We took inspiration from the elves used in the app and focused on a simple, clear design that conveyed mischievous fun.

Apollo alternate app icon
Alternate app icons for Apollo

iOS App Icon


Using Apollo’s app icon as inspiration, we created several fun, alternate icons for the popular Reddit client. The results harken back to when iOS was new and icons had a more tactile feel.

Transmit app icon
Transmit app icon

Mac App Icon


When it came time to update Panic’s venerable FTP client for Mac OS X, the beloved and familiar delivery truck was modernized using Apple’s interface guidelines. We then added distinctive touches that branded the app in the Panic family of products.

Although icon design has changed much since these early days, Transmit remains one of the most iconic and recognizable apps in Mac history.

Incomparable podcast logo
The Incomparable logo

Podcast Logo

The Incomparable

It’s not often we get to throw the “kitchen sink” into a project. The outlandish and humorous tone of the Incomparable sci-fi and pop culture podcast made this logo both fun and appropriate.

The fanciful elements of the logo can also be broken out individually for promotional purposes.

Fantastical app icon
Fantastical app icon

iOS App Icon

Fantastical 2

We were pleased to help Flexibits update the icon that we created for the original version of Fantastical.

The revised icon featured brightened colors, simplifed forms, yet maintained the magical quality of the dimensional page curl. The end result was an app that felt at home on mobile devices and stayed on brand for Flexibits.

Skyview app icon
Skyview app icon

iOS App Icon & Branding


Our icon for the augmented reality app SkyView captures the awe and wonder of gazing at the night sky. The design lets the viewer "peek" up through the clouds, and marvel at the cosmos, as the warm glow of the earth is seen in the distance.

The project also included promotional materials for the App Store and a website design.

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Linea Sketch Linea Sketch Linea Sketch
Frenzic: Overtime Frenzic: Overtime Frenzic: Overtime
Triode Triode Triode

Linea Sketch

  • Custom iconography
  • Universal app design
  • Apple Pencil support

We created Linea Sketch because we wanted a lightweight sketchpad without the overly complicated interface found in other apps.

We focused on keeping the most important tools front and center, while still providing plenty of powerful features. Our goal was to create an experience as close as possible to a physical sketchbook that worked seamlessly across both iPad and iPhone.

The result is an app that is consistently featured in the App Store and loved by doodlers, note takers, and artists alike.

Frenzic: Overtime

  • Custom iconography
  • Universal app design
  • Accessible game play
  • Featured in Apple Arcade

As one of the first iPhone games in 2007, the original Frenzic was a fast-paced puzzler loved by many. In 2021, Apple gave us the opportunity to re-imagine the title for Apple Arcade.

Developed in Unity for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, this multi-year project required the creation and coordination of tens of thousands of assets, localization in over a dozen languages, and hours of original music. Hardcore project management kept the game on track to meet contractual milestones.

Frenzic gameboard and Test Lab
Frenzic bots


  • Application branding
  • Universal app design
  • Interactive widgets

Triode’s unique approach to Internet radio strikes a chord with listeners. The app presents a consistent user experience across iOS, macOS, tvOS, and CarPlay.

Like all Iconfactory apps, we focused on presenting complex information in an easy-to-understand way, giving customers a beautiful app that puts their music at center stage.

Triode app interface
Triode UI elements
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