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We’ve designed tens of thousands of icons for happy clients around the globe. They are the visual langauge of software and they mean everything to us. A good icon needs to be memorable, universally understood, and crafted with your brand in mind. Check out more of our work and get in touch.

Examples of our icon design
  • App Icons
  • User Interface Icons
  • Emoji & Stickers
  • Animated Emotes
  • Expansive Design Systems
App Design

App Design

Creating an app is a complicated business. If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll reduce your costs and overall risk by designing first and coding later. Already created an app? We'll polish its look and functionality. Together, we'll solve complex interactions, address accessibility, use interactive prototypes to test concepts, and turn your ideas into great software. Contact us for an estimate.

Check out some of our own apps to see the results of this approach.

App design examples
  • User Experience Design
  • Wireframes & User Journeys
  • Interface Design
  • App Makeovers
  • Accessibility Analysis
  • Rapid Prototypes
App Store Assets

Marketing Assets

Marketing begins well before launch and continues for the lifetime of your app. Whether it's dozens of localized promo images for your store page, an ongoing social media campaign, or a surprise 48 hour deadline for an App Store editorial feature, we've got your back. Get in touch now.

Example of App Store promotional artwork, Triode Example of App Store promotional artwork, Stream
  • App Store Features
  • Branded Screenshots & Videos
  • Product Websites
  • Social Campaigns


Branding tells your story, makes your product stand apart from competitors, and creates a connection with your customers. It’s one of your company’s most important assets. We create strong identities for companies and apps, as well as refreshing established brands. Let us know what you need!

A few logos we've designed
  • Logos
  • Style Guides
  • Product Naming & Taglines
  • Mascot Design
Dev Consulting


Technical hurdles can grind development to a halt, and that’s where we come in. Our decades long experience with desktop and mobile technologies means clients trust us to solve a variety of challenging problems. We can vet your approach before a single line of code has been written, help you solve small but tough problems, or give advice on end-to-end development.

We work on projects with indie developers, global companies, and everything in between. Whatever your challenge, contact us and we’ll figure out how we can help within your budget.

  • App Architecture Advice
  • Solving Roadblocks
  • App Review Insight
  • Assisting Development Teams

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