Iconfactory Stickers

Messages in iOS has a great new feature called Stickers. Put graphics into chats with your friends or peel them off to put on top of photos. Like Emoji, it's a fun way to liven up your conversations!

With Iconfactory Stickers, you get:

  • Bonus Stickers When you collect multiple sets, you'll find some surprises. Some sticker packs have extra icons with special themes!
  • Customized Custom colors and titles make our stickers easy to spot when swiping. You can also tap the pack’s title art to show labels that describe the sticker.
  • Roll The Dice Feeling lucky? Some packs include a randomizer that chooses a sticker for you. Roll the 12-sided die in Tabletop RPG or ask the Mystic 9-Ball a question and see what fate deals you!
  • Bundles Want to collect them all? Bundles are the cheapest, easiest way to go. Head over to the App Store to see all of the Iconfactory Sticker Bundles.
  • iPhone Wallpapers Select sticker packs come with fun wallpapers you can use for your iPhone's lock screen. Tap the pack's title art to get started with wallpapers!

Tap on any Sticker pack below to view it in the App Store for iMessage. Enjoy!

Our Sticker Packs

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