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Pixadex is Now CandyBar 3

From the start, you could tell they were meant to be together. Pixadex, our intuitive icon organizer, and CandyBar, our icon customization utility, worked hand-in-hand to transform your desktop into a place you could call home. Now, these two apps have been joined into one.

Two Plus Two Equals Three

Introducing CandyBar 3. Brought to you by the Iconfactory and Panic, CandyBar 3 brings the best of Pixadex 2 and CandyBar 2 together into one handy application. Import, organize and search huge numbers of icons quickly and easily. CandyBar also lets you easily customize your system icons - even your Leopard dock graphics. From your folders to your trash can, your desktop will be uniquely yours. CandyBar 3 is designed specifically for Mac OS X Leopard, and features full support for 512x512 icon resources.

Still need Pixadex 2? Download version 2.0.2 here.

Still Using Pixadex 2?

Here are some links that may come in handy if you're still using Pixadex 2.x: